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If you’re looking for practical, high-quality training in the fundamentals, without spending major dollars on course fees and travel, eLearning at CharityVillage® is for you and your team. Each course is packed with solid information and practical resources that you can download and keep on hand for future reference. They are also self-paced, meaning that you can choose to take the course in one sitting, or complete it at your own pace.

When you purchase a single course or a pre- set bundle, you have 12 months to open and complete the course(s) from the date of purchase. However, once you open a course for the very first time, you have unlimited access to it for three months before it expires.

All of our courses give you the opportunity to either complete mandatory quizzes throughout the course or complete a final exam (depends on the course) to receive a Certificate of Completion. For more detailed information about a specific course, scroll down this page and click the orange “View Details” button to read more about it.


Build Your Case For Donorship Support

The type of case you develop is determined by your fundraising purpose and most importantly, the audience for which it is intended. This course will help you to communicate your vision in an engaging way and create a compelling appeal for financial support.

Communicating Internally 

This four-hour online course will introduce you to “upward” or “internal communication.” You will explore how employees can directly communicate with their reporting manager and upper management within an organization.

Corporate Fundraising That Works 

The purpose of this course is to explore the various types of corporate funding available for charities and nonprofits and understand the key actions required to build and implement a successful corporate fundraising program. 

Creating Diversity, Equity, Sensitivity, and Inclusion in your Workplace:
A Roadmap for Real Change

This free, introductory course will help organizations design their roadmap for their DEI journey and to bring about real change.

Decolonizing the Boardroom

In this course, we courageously challenge you to reimagine the current colonial systems and structures, and work towards ensuring that all voices are not only heard but genuinely included in their processes.  We encourage you to embark on a profound exploration of why decolonization is essential in the light of equity.

DEI Best Practices for Nonprofits 

This course will provide you with the knowledge, insights, and tools necessary to make meaningful changes. Our program serves as your guide to comprehending, implementing, and advocating for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in your nonprofit organization. 

Developing Emotional Resiliency & Self-Care  

In this 15-hour course, you will explore resiliency and recognize the “7 C’s” of resiliency and the four pillars of self-leadership. You will also learn how to apply principles of self-care to avoid burnout and fatigue.

Donor Stewardship

Donor stewardship is a critical element of your organization’s fundraising strategy. Your ability to be transparent, communicate often and share future plans with donors will help you develop valuable, long-term relationships which can help with retaining those donors in the future.

Enhancing Productivity for Employees Working from Home

With remote work becoming increasingly popular, this course will help you to understand the impact of working and living within the same space, learn tips to enhance productivity and working relationships, and identify common challenges and solutions to increase one’s success in a remote work environment.

Event Planning

Looking for ways to attract new donors, increase public awareness for your organization and educate your audience about your cause? Hosting an event is a great way to do just that! This course is designed to help you be successful in planning your event so you can reap the many tangible and intangible benefits it can offer.

Finding and Advancing Your Career 

In this 8 hour course, you will learn the knowledge and skills needed to find and manage your career. Learn how to find job postings, write a resume and cover letter, prepare for an interview, succeed on the job, find a mentor and more!

Foundations in Customer and Client Service

This 8-hour online course is designed for people transitioning to a career that is client and customer focused. You will examine some of the fundamental responsibilities of a customer service representative. 

How To Develop Corporate Sponsorships

Build lasting partnerships with corporate sponsors, no matter the size the organization. Learn to approach them effectively and how to build win-win relationships that can last for years. Get started today by learning how to approach them effectively and how to build win-win relationships that can last for years.

How To Develop Strategic Gift Planning

Launching a basic planned giving program can provide long-term security for your organization and ensure you’re not missing the opportunity to meaningfully engage your donors in supporting your work. Learn how to deploy planned gifts, start a planned giving program, and start strategic gift planning. This course provides you with the information you need to get started!

IDEA Fundamentals

This module introduces core concepts and principles to help you establish foundational knowledge of inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility (IDEA). You will develop a clear baseline for further understanding of topics of diversity and inclusion. You will also explore the benefits of creating an inclusive, diverse, equitable, and accessible workplace and society.

Introduction to Unconscious Bias

This course explores one of the most pervasive barriers to inclusion in the workplace and society – unconscious bias. You will examine types of bias and their impacts on experiences in life and the workplace. Bias can not be eliminated but it can be managed, so you will learn to identify strategies to increase awareness and mitigate the impact of bias in the workplace.

OHSA and AODA Compliance Training Package for Employees

Compliance Training regarding Harassment, Health and Safety and Accessibility are mandatory legislative requirements for all employees, including NonProfits and Charities, in Ontario and across Canada.

OHSA and AODA Compliance Training Package for Leaders and Supervisors

Compliance Training regarding Harassment, Health and Safety and Accessibility are mandatory legislative requirements for all organizations, including NonProfits and Charities, in Ontario and across Canada.

Optimizing Remote Work Transitions for Employers

This course will help leaders to appreciate the impact of a workplace transformation on remote work, employee engagement, and their mental health, along with how to identify and practice actionable best practice tips and strategies for communicating and engaging with a remote workforce.

Receipting Charitable Gifts

Not sure how to establish the fair market value of that donated painting? Receipting Charitable Gifts in Canada answers these and many other common questions about receipting policies so you no longer have to worry if you’re playing by the rules.

Resolving Conflict 

In this course, learners will explore the topic of conflict resolution and recognize what conflict is and what causes it. Additionally, they will learn about the different types of conflict and their impact on the workplace environment. Lastly, learners will learn to develop skills that will support them with conflict resolution methods and processes.

Virtual Events

This course will give you the information you need to feel confident in your ability to plan and execute a virtual event for your organization. You’ll learn how to identify the best type of event for your organization, build your event team and a budget, create unique sponsorship opportunities, and more.

Virtual Volunteering

Building a virtual volunteer program has become increasingly important as volunteers look for flexibility in how they donate their time. This course will help you understand the benefits and challenges of virtual volunteer roles, how to transition your traditional volunteer opportunities to virtual, and how to build for success in your virtual volunteer program.

Working in Teams

This course will help learners who work in a team environment. They will learn three fundamental team dynamics, including communication, trust, and skills. Additionally, learners will explore strategies to address conflict.

Special Value Bundles

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Event Planning Bundle

Whether you’re planning a gala fundraising dinner, silent auction, golf tournament, or bowl-a-thon, the Event Planning Bundle brings together six eLearning courses to help you and your organization get the most out of your special events. Buy the Event Planning Bundle for $504.90 and you’ll save 15% off the cost of purchasing each of these courses individually.

Management & Leadership Bundle

The Management & Leadership Bundle for Nonprofits brings together six eLearning courses that give leaders (including board members!) a solid footing in critical areas of organizational management. Buy the Management & Leadership Bundle for $504.90 and you’ll save 15% off the cost of purchasing each of these courses individually.

Fundraising Bundle

Perfect for new fundraisers or seasoned pros who are looking to brush up on their skills, the Fundraising Bundle brings together seven eLearning courses to help you get the most out of your fundraising efforts. When purchasing the Fundraising Bundle at $589.05, you save 15% off the cost of purchasing each of these courses individually.

Better Board Kit

To help your board become more cohesive and more effective.

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