Spend less time on screening candidates and volunteers by using CharityVillage’s® Video Screening.

Simply select the questionnaire template, set the deadline, send the link, and sit back and wait for the responses to come in. Best of all, this tool helps reduce unconscious bias.
Watch our short video to learn how other Canadian nonprofits are using Video Screening to hire more efficiently and effectively.

Video Screening goes beyond simply saving you time when recruiting. The standardized format and audio-only option helps reduce bias while eliminating the screening out of great candidates.

live video interviews

CharityVillage’s® Live Video Interviews add structure to your interviews with a fully customizable candidate experience. 

Best of all, you’ll be saving time, reducing your carbon footprint and will be able to reach more candidates virtually. 

Get honest unscripted responses

Easily share
results with your

Reach more candidates in all locations

Use these tools when engaging and hiring new staff and volunteers

What is included in your Live Video Interview account?

Customized Questions

Select a template or add your own questions for candidates and volunteers to answer based on your unique role requirements.

Video Screening

Select questions, send to your candidates or volunteer prospects, receive responses, rate and share with your team.

Live Video Interviews

Record, rate, and share individual or panel interviews of candidates and volunteer prospects.

Select your bundle


Add more interviews at any time.

$68 – Save 20%

5 Video Screens
2 Live Video Interviews

$125 – Save 25%

10 Video Screens
4 Live Video Interviews

$185 – Save 30%

15 Video Screens
7 Live Video Interviews

$289 – Save 35%

25 Video Screens
12 Live Video Interviews


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