Next Generation Crowdfunding

Reimagine your fundraising with our new crowdfunding platform that can help your organization raise money online and achieve revenue sustainability.

Pay 0% platform fees, no subscription fees or contracts.

Decide on the type of campaign and your funding goal

Run a standard campaign, peer-to-peer event, walk, run, microprojects fundraising,
do-it-yourself campaign or a sponsorship campaign.

Create and launch your crowdfunding campaign

Follow the 5-step process (20 minutes). Write your story, upload images, and add your organizational and banking details to collect money and issue tax receipts. 

Ask your existing donors, followers and subscribers of your social media accounts, and email contacts and sponsors to donate and then share your campaign.

Featured Crowdfunding Campaigns on CharityVillage®.

Here are a few examples of organizations raising thousands of dollars with CharityVillage® Crowdfunding.

Pricing Options

Flexible pricing plans offer affordability and convenience.


0% platform or monthly fees.
Donors asked for an optional tip to keep the platform free to use.
Payment processing fees apply.

5% Platform Fee

5% fee deducted from the contribution but donors are not asked to tip.
No monthly fees.
Payment processing fees apply.

Flexible Platform Fee

Option to recover platform fee from donors.
Payment processing fees can be added to your recovery plan via a tip option.
No setup, monthly, or annual fees.

Solves common fundraising challenges while also reducing fundraising and tech costs.

The easy-to-use campaign creation process means no development is necessary. Includes secure payment processing, automatic tax receipts, powerful social sharing, donate buttons, and advanced peer-to-peer fundraising.

Engage your community to diversify your funding

Communicate personally to drive a bigger impact

Use creative storytelling to capture interest

Lower your overhead costs

Get social and go viral to find a bigger audience 

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